About Us

DEFFA – The Down East Friends of the Folk Arts

DEFFA is a non-profit membership organization whose goal is to nurture and promote the living traditions of folk music and dance in Maine. We produce a monthly newsletter containing event listings, news, articles, musical and dance transcriptions, and other items of interest to our members, and organize the annual DownEast Country Dance Festival, a weekend long celebration of traditional and folk music, dance, and fellowship held each spring. In addition, DEFFA sponsors special music and dance events as well as instructional and educational opportunities.

DEFFA Organization

DEFFA duties and responsibilities are assigned to the Board of Directors, elected each year at the annual meeting. The Board contains officers and committee members and meets once per month to discuss business and give committee updates. An annual meeting is held in early spring each year to discuss goals and priorities of the organization.The structure and operating procedures are defined in the DEFFA bylaws.